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Need a speaker for your next business, civic or community group meeting? Consider one of these great programs presented by staff members from the Washington-Centerville Public Library.


Data Mining @ the Library
When making business decisions, the ability to find and use the right information can make all the difference. This presentation introduces the Library's business-oriented databases and explains how they can improve the bottom line. (40 minutes)

eBooks Made Easy
Can't figure out how to get that library book on your eReader? Take a crash course with a librarian who will show you how easy it can be! Searching tips and software overviews are included. (1 hour)

Introduction to eBay™
Wondering about the world of eBay? Catch this overview of eBay including background, history, and major features of the site presented by an Education Specialist trained by eBay. (1 hour)

Introduction to Genealogy
Genealogy is easier than you think! Learn about some great resources available online, as well as library resources. Quick tips and strategies to organize your research are also included. (1 hour)

Introduction to Online Social Networking
Frightened of Facebook? Leery of LinkedIn? Terrified of Twitter? Let an experienced Librarian help you get started and learn the major Dos and Don'ts on these social networks. (1 hour)

Online Job Searching Strategies
Learn online job searching basics including job site navigation, resume formatting, and networking opportunities. Upgrade your job skills and make career decisions using print and electronic resources available at the Library. (1 hour)

History, Travel, Culture

America's National Parks
America’s natural treasures — did you know we have one in our very own state? (Approximately 35 minutes)

And He Lived to Tell: The Incredible Story of Louie Zamperini
Listen to the story of Louis Zamperini-juvenile delinquent, Olympic runner, POW, and World War II hero. (1 hour)

A Sense of the World
Hear the incredible story of James Holman, a prolific traveler and world explorer. He was also intermittently crippled and permanently blind. (Approximately 45 minutes)

Destiny of the Republic
Hear the fascinating story of James A. Garfield's meteoric rise from poverty to U.S. Presidency and his tragic end at the hands of deranged assassin Charles Guiteau. (Approximately 45 min.)

First Mothers
Explore the lives of 11 women who raised their sons to achieve the greatest office in the land - the Presidency of the United States. (Approximately 45 minutes)

Flags of Our Fathers
Get to know the six flagraisers in the famous photograph taken at the battle of Iwo Jima. (45 minutes)

Heroes and Characters of the Miami Valley
Heroes and characters are all around us! Join us to learn about some of the people who have enriched our lives here in the Miami Valley. (Approximately 45 minutes)

Norman Rockwell's America
Explore the world of Norman Rockwell, one of America's most beloved artists. (35 minutes)

Our Favorite Humorist: Erma Bombeck
Prepare to smile as you learn more about our beloved hometown humorist Erma Bombeck. (30 minutes)

The Book of Kells
Learn about "the most beautiful book ever written." (40 minutes)

The Esther Price Story
Discover the sweet backstory of one of Dayton’s own hometown favorites! (40 minutes or 15 minute programs)

The Life of Mary Todd Lincoln: Hellcat or Helpmate?
Learn more about the wife of our 16th President including her childhood, years in the White House, and insanity trial. (40 minutes)

The Story of the U.S.S. Indianapolis
Discover the real story behind one of the greatest naval disasters in U.S. history. (1 hour)

Book Bites

Need a short program for your lunchtime meeting? Book Bites is a 15 minute preview of an interesting book you select, or a Book Bites theme already developed or better yet, ask for your own personalized theme created just for your group.

Sample programs:

1st Hits (Best Selling New Authors)

Business Reads

Mysterious Women

Quirky Little Books

War...What is it Good for?

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