The Book of Kells

The Book of Kells
The Book of Kells, written around 800 CE, is a beautiful example of medieval illumination. Plan a visit to the Washington-Centerville Public Library to see this rare facsimile copy.

Facts About the Original Book

Facts About the Facsimile Edition, a Gift to our Library

The Book of Kells donation is just one example of giving to the Library. Many other library projects are the result of other endowments or donations.

Our Library is honored to display this rare, donated facsimile edition of the Book of Kells, the world-famous 9th century illuminated manuscript acclaimed as the most beautiful book ever written.

The Library, which advances no religion or belief system, presents this destination book which has transcended its religious origins to become an object worthy of study - as a window into the past and a source of artistic inspiration for the future.