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Library patrons share how much they save by using the Library.

Monthly Savings = $ 13865
I love the library!

Monthly Savings = $ 4824.5

Paul S
Monthly Savings = $ 3485
I love my library.

Monthly Savings = $ 3190

Nuria E.
Monthly Savings = $ 1328
Wow! Thats alot! But i do wish that the Centerville Library brings more teen books because i cannot find alot of them... There are more at the Dayton Metro. Thanks anyways!

S. K.
Monthly Savings = $ 1250

Brenda P
Monthly Savings = $ 1137
I am quite aware what a valuable asset the library is and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Carol F.
Monthly Savings = $ 1090

Olivia N.
Monthly Savings = $ 1026
Wow! I never actually realized how much that really is! That is crazy!

The H Family
Monthly Savings = $ 991
Who knew? Love the library - especially the smell of books when you enter the building!

Family G
Monthly Savings = $ 797.5
Thank you!

Sarah S.
Monthly Savings = $ 719
I love the library and in fact on of the factors that was a plus for me on my move was that I now live literally right next to the library!!

Victoria R.
Monthly Savings = $ 701
I love the library! I use it every week and I can't imagine not having it in my familys life! I use the play aways for work, books for waiting in the car for kids, and movies and games for the kids! We support the library for a lifetime.

June D
Monthly Savings = $ 654
Last night at the dinner table we were talking about our favorite things. My family said mine was the library and they are right. I love the library.

Kelly K
Monthly Savings = $ 640
Wow! I can't believe it adds up to this much!

Carol F.
Monthly Savings = $ 596

Donna G.
Monthly Savings = $ 594

Libby V
Monthly Savings = $ 481
We love our public library and are happy that it is so fabulous! It is the one place I enjoy waiting in line at! We have noticed a savings in our budget, I now say, I'll go to the library before running out to buy a book.

Jamie M.
Monthly Savings = $ 398

Monthly Savings = $ 318

Monthly Savings = $ 273

Monthly Savings = $ 248.5
What a great deal!

Jason H.
Monthly Savings = $ 144.5
I was so surprised by this amount! To think I nearly purchased books at a bookstore yesterday, then found them at the library!

Abby R.
Monthly Savings = $ 98
How many items I use at the library

Monthly Savings = $ 84