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2012 Honorable Mention
Yun-Kyung Kim - Grade 8, Hadley E. Watts Middle School
The Battle

Letís admit it. We all faced troubles. I faced many challenges; however, one struck meóhard. I had to smile and be happy to prevent myself from crumbling, like a sand castle in the open waters. My mom, my supporter fell under the unforgiving clench of depression, I knew months before I was told, but acted as my own cherry self, bubbling with enthusiasm, However, this wasnít my true self, it was a mask. A mask to conceal my worries, my fears. I wanted it to be defeated. I knew my motheróa strong and determined woman. Out of all people I had faith that she could defeat this cold, heartless monster.

At times I was frustrated, along with the rest of my family, but together we were supportive and positive, slowly healing my mom, slowly coaxing depression out. When depression did take over my momís body, she was an alien to meóa complete stranger. She wasnít the bright and playful mother Iíve always known. However, as time went, she got the urge to be positive and persevere in the grueling battle against the monster. It was the greatest gift for me to get my mom back, with my familyís positivity and unity, we rose back up to the family weíve always been. In fact, we may have become closeróa bond thatís indescribable that nothing can ever break. I learned from this painful and long journey that there will be endless mountains in life, but enthusiasm will be rewarded. Iíve been gifted with a family that will fight through my battles with meówhether itís a week or even years. My family is my backbone and my strength. This was a life changing even in my life that reckoned the power of hope, unity, and my one and only family.