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Three Hundred Seventy Six Area Teens Enter Contest

Congratulations to all of the students who entered the Dottie Yeck Good Life Award Writing Contest!

This endowment-funded contest was developed in memory of Dorothy Yeck, whose life philosophy was:

Being Good + Doing Good = Having Fun + Being Happy

The judges were independent community professionals, including university professors, authors, journalists, and retired teachers. All essays were judged twice with no identifying student information and scores were averaged. The top 25 essays were passed to the final round, again with no identifying student information. The Winner and Awards of Distinction were unanimous decisions.

Good Life Award Winner:
Katlin Pistone - Grade 9, Brookville High School
Awards of Distinction:
Becca Barbaro - Grade 7, Ascension School
William Bennett - Grade 9, Centerville High School
Rachel Coughlin - Grade 10, Chaminade Julienne High School
Honorable Mentions:
Elizabeth Anderson - Grade 9, Centerville High School
Julia Baker - Grade 7, Dayton Christian Middle School
Katie Connell - Grade 9, Oakwood High School
Benjamin Conroy - Grade 8, Incarnation Catholic School
Thomas Flint - Grade 10, Brookville High School
Connor Gantt - Grade 9, Alter High School
Trent Gould - Grade 9, Oakwood High School
Clay Hippenmeyer - Grade 9, Centerville High School
Lydia Johnson - Grade 9, Oakwood High School
Ben Kochensparger - Grade 9, Centerville High School
Olivia Little - Grade 7, Hadley E. Watts Middle School
Blake Mullennix - Grade 10, Brookville High School
Riya Patel - Grade 9, Centerville High School
Julia Romie - Grade 10, Centerville High School
Mary Rose Schertler - Grade 7, Incarnation Catholic School
Kelly Shawler - Grade 7, Hadley E. Watts Middle School
Connie Sinks - Grade 10, West Carrollton High School
Ryan Stark - Grade 9, Brookville High School
Christian Weisman - Grade 7, Incarnation Catholic School
Grace Worley - Grade 9, Oakwood High School
Elizabeth Worthen - Grade 8, Hadley E. Watts Middle School