The maximum number of items any one patron may check out is 100 (excludes eMaterials). This 100 item limit is further restricted as follows:

Additional restrictions apply to new patrons, juvenile patrons, and teacher cards.*

Material Type Loan Period (days) Renewable Holds Limits
Express Collection DVDs 2 NO NO 4
Blu-rays 2 NO NO 4
Books 7 NO NO 2
Music CDs 7 NO NO 25
Audiobooks Playaways 21 YES 3X 50 25
CD Books 21 YES 3X 25
DVDs Fiction (Non-Express) 7 YES 3X 25
TV Series 7 YES 3X 4
Non-Fiction (Non-Express) 21 YES 3X 25
Blu-rays Fiction (Non-Express) 7 YES 3X 8
TV Series 7 YES 3X
Non-Fiction (Non-Express) 21 YES 3X
Music CDs 21 YES 3X 25
Video Games 7 YES 3X 8
Magazines/Periodicals 7 YES 3X 100
All Other Print Materials* 21 YES 3X 100
'brary Bags 21 YES 3X 2
eReaders 21 YES 3X 1
SearchOhio Printed Materials, CDs & CD Books 21 YES 3X N/A 50
Movies 7 YES 3X
OhioLink Books 21 YES 6X
Media (audiobooks, music CDs & DVDs) 7 YES 3X

*Exception: Children's board books cannot be placed on hold
  • Loan Period = the number of days an item may be checked out to one patron.
  • Renewable = an item may be checked out again if another patron doesn't already have the item on hold. A library card is required for all renewals. Online renewals must be completed by midnight on the day they are due to ensure that fines do not accrue.
  • Hold = an item may be held at the library for a patron to pick up.
  • Limits = the maximum number of each type of library material a patron may have checked out to their account at any given time.
  • New Patrons - new library cards are issued with restricted borrowing privileges for the first two months including:
    • Checkout limits set at up to 10 total items (with a maximum of 2 audio-visual items)
    • Hold limits set at up to 15 holds
    • eReaders may be checked out after the two month period
    Your account will be updated to receive full borrowing privileges if your account is in good standing after the 2 month period. Please contact the Library to update your account.